Adding a feature to the profile - 7.3

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  1. Select the unreleased version of the profile you want to add a feature to.
  2. On the lower half of the Profiles tab, click the Features tab.
  3. Click Add to open the Add Feature wizard:


  4. You can either:
    • manually type the URL, Name and Version of the Feature you want to add,

    • click the Select Feature button to open a wizard that will help you fill in those fields.

  5. If you clicked the Select Feature button, in the Repository list, select the Artifact repository storing the feature you want to use.


  6. In the Browse area, browse to the feature to add to your profile, and click OK.
    The URL, Name and Version fields get automatically filled in.
  7. Click Save to validate the creation or Cancel to cancel it.


    Once added, you can update the feature, at anytime, by clicking Edit.
    As the order of the features in the Features tab is the order in which they would be started in the Talend Runtime Container(s), if you have several features in a profil, click the Reorder button to reorder them if needed.