Adding a new database connection - 7.3

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Before you begin

To establish a connection to a database in the Monitoring node, you must first put the corresponding .jar file in the Tomcat lib folder, otherwise your database connection can not be initialized. For more information about the databases compatible with Talend Activity Monitoring Console, see Compatible databases on Talend Help Center .

About this task

To add a new database connection to a log table:


  1. From the toolbar on the Activity Monitoring Console page, click the [+] button to open the Edit/Create Connection configuration window.


  2. Enter the relevant connection information:




    Name of the connection entry in the connection list.

    DB type

    The database type to which you want to connect


    URL address the server hosting the log database, including the host, port and the name of the log database to connect to.


    If required, set the data source for the selected database


    Login name to the database


    Password to the database

    Log table

    Name of the table gathering the information caught through the tLogCatcher component in the Job.

    Flow meter table

    Name of the table gathering the information caught through the tFlowMeterCatcher component in the Job.

    Stat table

    Name of the table gathering the information caught through the tStatCatcher component in the Job.

  3. Click Check connection to test the database connection, then click Save to add the database connection or click Cancel to close the window without saving any changes.
    To access the Talend Activity Monitoring Console Web application, the same connection you have configured in the Studio preferences (Preferences > AMC > Datasource Type) should be added in this window.