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The Talend Administration Center allows you to add execution tasks on Jobs that are either based on the SVN (deprecated) or GIT repository, or pre-generated by the Studio as zip files. According to your needs, read one of the procedures below.

Note: The first two procedures of this section enable Talend Administration Center to fetch all Jobs in a continuous way- even after the database is restored on a new server.

Note that once the task is added, you still can switch from one mode to the other.

When the execution task is saved, a folder with the task name taskName<version> containing a zip file of the Job named taskName<version>.zip is created inside the generated Jobs folder that you specified in the Job Conductor group of the Configuration page. The generated Job archive will be transferred to the Job server/ Runtime for execution. The extracted folder is used to collect the meta information (screenshot, context, version, parameters and so on) to be used on Talend Administration Center execution server. This folder can not be removed. Otherwise, the tasks can not be executed.

When the Job is executed, the logs about this execution would be stored in a folder with the task name taskName, which will be created in the task logs folder that you specified in the Job Conductor group of the Configuration page. The logs in this folder are used to be downloaded as execution log on UI and/or for manual check of the Job execution. It is recommended not to remove this folder either.

For more information on the Job Conductor group of the Configuration page, see Setting up the Job Conductor parameters.