Adding a trigger for a publishing task - 7.3

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About this task

To schedule the execution of your tasks, you can set CRON-based triggers onto a task which will start its execution on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly and so on). To do that:


  1. On the Publisher page, select the task you want to implement a trigger on.
  2. In the Triggers view, click Add trigger... and then select Add CRON trigger from the drop-down list.
    The CRON trigger configuration panel opens.
  3. Fill in the Label and Description fields and then click Open UI configurer to open the Cron UI trigger configuration dialog box.


  4. Select the hour and date items at which you want the task to be executed as the following:




    Enter a name to the trigger you are setting.


    Enter a description for the trigger type and usage.


    The minute at which you want to execute the task.


    The hour at which you want to execute the task.

    Days of month

    The month day on which you want to execute the task.


    The month in which you want to execute the task.

    Days of week

    The week day on which you want to execute the task.


    The year in which you want to execute the task.


    Fields marked with **: Select one or more week day OR one or more dates.

    Fields marked with *: mandatory information.

    For multiple selection, press Ctrl + click.

  5. Click Apply modifications.
    The dialog box closes and the selected data is displayed in the Add Cron trigger configuration panel.
  6. Click Save to validate the CRON-based trigger configuration or Cancel to cancel the operation.


The Trigger Status for the selected task changes from No Trigger to At least one trigger is running.