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About this task

Warning: Only users that have the role and rights of Operation Manager or Designer can have read-write access to the audit item. Other types of users can have read-only access or no access. For further information on access rights, see User roles/rights in the Administration Center. When a user of the Administration Center opens this page, he/she will have access only to the items for which the user has been granted the appropriate authorization by the Administrator.

To collect information about job operations designed in Talend Studio:


  1. In the Menu tree view of the Administration Center, click Audit to open the corresponding page.


  2. In the Audit page, select the project to audit in the Project list.
  3. In the Branch list, select the branch which the project of interest belongs to.
  4. Click Start audit. A message appears to give you the status of the audit operation.


Audit information about the selected project is displayed in the Standard Output list and an audit item corresponding to the project you previously selected is displayed in the Audit list. Click this item to open or save the pdf file that lists the audit results in the directory you have configured in the Configuration page.

For further information about how to configure the audit parameters in the Configuration page, see Checking the configuration for audit.

For more information regarding Audit, see Talend Project Audit User Guide.