Creating a Git or SVN Branch allowlist - 7.3

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Talend Administration Center allows you to filter the project on the defined SVN/Git branches or tags in order to reduce the use of disk resources and improve performances.

Before you begin

  • you have enabled the Branches whitelist option on the Configuration page
  • you have created a project with related branches (see Adding a project and To create a Git or SVN branch).

    This results in the creation of a configuration file named active_svn_branches.csv (for SVN projects) or active_git_branches.csv (for Git projects).


  1. Open the allowlist configuration file to edit it (active_svn_branches.csv for SVN projects or active_git_branches.csv for Git projects).
    You can see the list of all branches of your projects.
  2. Remove the lines corresponding to the branches on which you do not work in order to keep only the necessary ones and save your changes.


The project is now filtered on the branches you have chosen to keep.

Note: This configuration does not filter the branches that are available for this project in Talend Studio. All branches will still be shown in Talend Studio.