Creating Talend Administration Center credentials in Jenkins - 7.3

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Save the Talend Administration Center credentials in the internal credentials repository in Jenkins.

Most of the MetaServlet APIs request authentication using a Talend Administration Center admin user and password.

Instead of hard-coding this information, the script will leverage the Credentials Binding Plugin to store the encrypted user and password in Jenkins.


  1. In Credentials > System > Add domain, add a new Talend domain and click OK.
  2. Add the Talend Administration Center credentials with the Username with password kind.
  3. Add a unique ID and description and update the username and password accordingly.
    It is important to have a unique ID and description to differentiate the credentials in the Jenkins Job.
  4. In Build Environment, select the Use secret text(s) or file(s) check box.
    The Talend Administration Center credentials will be retrieved by the script.
  5. Add a new Binding of type Username and password (separated).

    The environment variables TAC_ADMIN_USER and TAC_ADMIN_PWD are used by the Groovy script.