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About this task

Before accessing the Real Time Statistics facility of your tasks, you need to activate the option. To do so, do the following:


  1. On the Job conductor page, display the Execution task panel if this is hidden by clicking on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Click Edition to display the Execution task options, if these are hidden.
  3. From the Statistic list, select enabled.
    Next to enabled, a short text may appear if the Job needs to be regenerated.


    If a regeneration is required, this will also be indicated on the tabular task list where the Status reads Ready to generate.
  4. Click Save to validate the changes, or click Cancel to cancel it.
    Tip: If you click on any of the tasks in the list before finalizing the creation or modification of the current task, a dialog box pops up prompting you to save the parameters in the configuration panel before switching to another task. Click Cancel to return to the configuration panel and save the parameters.


Now that the Real time statistics feature has been activated in Talend Administration Center, you can access it to track in real-time the execution status and performance of your processes.

For more information, see Accessing the Error Recovery Management page and Recovering job execution.