Managing Talend Administration Center Audit Logs - 7.3

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About this task

To configure audit logging feature in Talend Administration Center, edit the <tomcat_path>WEB-INF\classes\ file.

For information on configuring the audit logs in MDM, see Enabling and configuring the audit capability in MDM.

Note: Talend Administration Center uses asynchronous http requests by default. To change this behavior, change the value of the appender.http.async property from true to false in the <tomcat_path>WEB-INF\classes\ file and restart Talend Administration Center. During the use of synchronous requests, make sure that Talend LogServer is available and configured correctly, otherwise it will affect the functionality of Talend Administration Center.


  • In the Audit Logs section, change the auditlog.enable parameter to:
    • true: to enable the audit logging feature.
    • false: to disable the feature.
    By default, the audit logging feature is enabled in Talend Administration Center.
    To re-enable the feature, set the parameter value to true.
  • To determine what should happen if audit logging fails, configure the auditlog.failure.stopActivity parameter to:
    • true to display an error message on the User Interface, preventing users to work with Talend Administration Center until the issue is solved.
    • false to continue working with Talend Administration Center without auditing.