Migrating from the integrated Drools Web application to RedHat Decision Manager 7.3 - 7.3

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The KIE WorkBench uses git to control versions of rules, facts, and system configuration.

You can import a project from Talend Administration Center Drools (KIE WorkBench 6.2.0) to a standalone RedHat Decision Manager 7.3 deployed on JBoss EAP 7.2.


  1. Navigate to our Talend Administration Center drools installation folder.
  2. Find the git repository subfolder in <tomcat-folder>/bin.


  3. Copy the git repository folder you want to migrate to RHDM 7.3 to another other location.
  4. In RedHat Decision Manager 7.3, click Menu > Design > Projects.
  5. Click the three-dot button and select Import project.
  6. In the Import project dialog box, enter the path to the git repository folder you copied in the Repository URL field, and click Import.
    A list of the projects in this repository is displayed.
  7. Select the project you want to import.
  8. After importing project, open the project settings page.
  9. Toggle off the Development Mode.
    If this option is turned on, the tBRMS cannot download that jar file.
  10. To deploy the project, click Deploy.
    When deployed successfully, the project appears on the Artifacts page.
    You can test and connect to RHDM 7.3 to get the deployed jar using the tBRMS component.