Scheduling an execution plan - 7.3

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You can schedule your execution plans based on time or event, using time triggers or file triggers respectively.

Time-based scheduling can be linked to a simple trigger or to a CRONUI trigger depending on the way you want your time-based triggered plan to be executed, either at a defined time and date or regularly over a period of time.

You can also schedule your plan to be executed based on a file trigger. The presence of a file in a defined location will trigger the job execution plan.

Or you can also schedule your plan to be execute from a Webservice.


  1. On the Execution Plan page, click the plan you want to schedule then click Add trigger in the lower part of the page.
  2. Select from the contextual menu the type of trigger you want to add.
    A relevant panel opens to the right to enable you creating the relevant trigger.
    The procedure to add any of the trigger types to an execution plan is exactly the same as that of adding a trigger to a task. For more information about adding triggers to an execution plan, see:
    Note: If you define several types of triggers for the same task, the first trigger to be checked is the first to be executed.
    For further information about triggers and trigger management, see Scheduling execution tasks.