Using metadata to read a database and displaying the results - 7.3

Creating and using metadata in Talend Studio

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You can read and manage databases in Talend Studio, allowing you to integrate them into your data management workflows.

Before you begin

  • This tutorial makes use of a database. If you do not have a database, click the Downloads tab and save customers_unordered.sql. You must import the database into a compatible program.

  • You must have created a metadata definition from a database (see Creating a metadata definition from a database).


  1. In the Repository, expand Metadata > Db Connections.
  2. Drag-and-drop a database metadata on the Designer.
    1. Select a tDBInput component.
      The component inherits the database schema.
  3. In the Designer, add a tLogRow component.
  4. Right-click the tDBInput component.
    1. Select Row > Main.
    2. Click on the tLogRow component to link the two.
  5. Optional: In the tLogRow component, select the Table Mode.
  6. In the Run view, click Run.


The tDBInput component, configured through metadata, reads your database, and the tLogRow component displays its content on the console.