Importing metadata from a Talend Data Integration Job - 7.3

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Create a new model in the repository and import the metadata in this model using a bridge.

Before you begin

You have signed in as a user assigned to the Administrators or Application Administrators group.

About this task

This Job processes the purchase orders coming from the reseller Website. The result of this process is then inserted into the ACME customer hub database.


  1. Go to MANAGE > Configuration.
  2. Click Add > Model.
  3. Enter a name, such as ACME integration Job, and a description.
  4. In Import Bridge, select Talend Data Integration.
  5. Click OK to save the model.
    The Overview tab of the model opens in the configuration manager.
  6. In Stewards, select a steward or group of stewards and click SAVE.
  7. Open the Import Setup tab.
  8. In the Project directory field, click the Browse icon, choose tdc_gsg_sources_files\setting_up\tdi_ job\ACME_SPORTING_WEAR and click Select.
  9. In the Project items field, click the Browse icon, expand the Job Design and integration nodes and select ACME_S3_integration (Job).
  10. Click Test and save your changes.
  11. In the Security tab, assign a user group for each security role and save your changes.
  12. Click IMPORT.
  13. Click the spinning gear icon on the top right of the banner to monitor the operation and open the log if necessary.
    As you can see in the import log, the import has been successful.
  14. Close the dialog box.


The model is imported in the repository and is added to the current configuration. You are ready to link the model to the others to define the data flow.