Configuring the child Job - 7.3

Data Integration Job Examples

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  1. In the Contexts view, add the following three variables, leaving their values undefined:
    • filename, type String
    • tablename, type String
    • directory, type String
  2. Double-click the tFileInputDelimited component (labelled Input_file) to open its Basic settings view, and configure the component as follows:
    • Open the schema editor and add a column data, and set its type to Dynamic.
    • Fill the File name/Stream field with the context variables defined for file accessing:
      Tip: Click in the field and press Ctrl+Shift to access a list of available variables.
    • In the Header field, specify the number of rows at the beginning of the files to skip.

      In this example, the first row of each file is the header row.

    • Leave the other settings as default.
  3. Double-click the tDBOutput component (labelled Write_to_DB) to open its Basic settings view, and configure the component as follows:
    • Specify the database connection details, including the host name or IP address, the port number, and database name, and the authentication credentials.
    • Fill the Table field with the context variable defined for the table name, context.tablename in this example.
    • From the Action on table list, select Default.
    • From the Action on data list, select Insert.
    • Click Sync columns to ensure the schema is the same as the input component: a single column named data, type Dynamic.
    • Leave other options as default.
  4. Press Ctrl + S to save the Job.