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Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Follow the steps below to publish a Job as a Docker image.


  1. Open Talend Studio and create a simple Standard Job like below, and make sure it runs successfully.
  2. Right-click the Job in the Repository tree view, and select Publish from the contextual menu.
  3. From the Export Type, select Docker Image and click Next.
  4. Select Local as the Docker host, and provide the following details together with your docker registry credentials.
    • Image name: A name for the docker image. A repository will be created with the same name in the Docker registry.
    • Image tag: A value to tag your Docker image. By default, the Job version will be the tag value.
    • Registry: Provide the Docker registry URL with your Docker ID. For Docker Hub, it will be
    • Username and Password: The credentials you use to connect to Docker registry.
  5. Log in to your Docker registry account and under the Repositories tab.
    You can see the Docker image containing the Job created.