Structure validation for EDI - 7.3

Talend Data Mapper - X12 HIPAA Specifications

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When you switch on the Structure validation for EDI, the runtime performs additional EDI-specific syntax validations.

The syntax validation rules are configured according to the EDI specifications. These values come from the tables:
The following lists the error messages that the syntax rules checker produces:
  • SyntaxRules_Conditional=Conditional (If first present, all must be present.)
  • SyntaxRules_Exclusion=Exclusion (Not more than one can be present.)
  • SyntaxRules_InvalidRuleType=Invalid rule type
  • SyntaxRules_InvalidSeqNumberList=Invalid sequence number list
  • SyntaxRules_ListConditional=List Conditional (If first present, one of the remaining items must be present.)
  • SyntaxRules_Paired=Paired (If present, all must be present.)
  • SyntaxRules_Required=Required (At least one must be present.)
  • SyntaxRules_RequiredElemNotPresent=Required element not present at
  • SyntaxRules_SeqNumberNotFound=Sequence number not found