Harmonizing the case - 7.3

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The first action will be to fix the column listing the first names of the customers.

You can notice that in the customers.xlsx file, there are some inconsistencies among the names in the First_Name and Last_Name columns. Some begin with a capital letter, some are entirely in lower case, and others are entirely in upper case.

To harmonize the style of all the cells of a column, proceed as follows:


  1. Click the header of the First_Name column to select its content.
  2. While pressing the Ctrl key, click the header of the Last_Name column.

    The two columns are now selected and you modify them both at the same time.

  3. In the Functions panel located in the upper right side of the screen, find Change to title case in the list of functions.

    This box lists all the functions available to apply on your data. Search for the function you want, or choose among the suggested ones. Hover over a function in the list to preview the effect it will have on your data. Click the function to apply the changes.

  4. Click Change to title case to apply the function on the two columns.

    All the names now begin with a Capital letter, with the rest in lower case.