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Talend Data Preparation Getting Started Guide

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To make your preparation accessible to the other members of a project, you can use the share feature.

This example assumes that you and other users are registered Talend Data Preparation users.

Users or groups of users from your organization will be able to open and edit your preparations according to the rights they were given. Sharing a preparation is only possible if your preparation is located in a folder.

To create and share a preparation folder, proceed as follows:


  1. Click the white X icon on the top right of the screen to exit your preparation.

    Remember that your preparation is automatically saved after each step.

    You are now in the Preparations view, where you can see customers_preparation in the list.

  2. Click the Add folder icon.

    A window opens where you need to enter a name for your folder.

  3. Type Getting Started in the empty field and click OK.

    The Getting Started folder now appears in the list in the Preparations view.

  4. Point your mouse over customers_preparation in order to display the available options and click the Copy or Move icon.

    The Copy/Move item window opens, where you can select the destination folder for your preparation.

  5. Choose the Getting Started folder and click Move.

    Your preparation is now located in the Getting Started folder, as you can see in the path above your preparation.

  6. Click Home in the path to go back to the Preparations view.
  7. Point your mouse over the Getting Started folder in order to display the available options and click the Share folder icon.

    The Share content for folder window opens.

  8. Browse the All Users and Groups list or use the Find user/group search bar to select a user or group that is part of your project.
  9. Click a user or group and click Add to List to add them to the list of contributors.
  10. Repeat the last step to add more contributors if necessary and click Confirm.


You can see from the change in the Getting Started folder icon, that it was successfully shared with the selected users.

If other users share a preparation folder with you, the folder icon will be blue.