Handling arbitration tasks to select Beta testers - 7.3

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Arbitration tasks consist in choosing among a list of arbitration choices one choice for each data record. Once you validate your choice, you transition the task to the second state defined in the workflow. The workflow defined at the campaign creation determines which states are available to what data stewards.

About this task

You need to select from a customer list the appropriate candidates for a beta test planned by your enterprise. Once the list is created, all the processes of a beta program is made much easier, for example distributing the product, collecting and evaluating feedback and so on.


  1. On the Tasks page, click the campaign name, Beta candidates in this example, to open a list of the tasks assigned to you.
  2. Select one task and click a choice from the list, or use the right-hand panel and set a choice for multiple tasks at once.


    You want to accept for beta testing all the candidates from the marketing and technical departments. You can use the chart in the right-hand panel to filter your records by the Occupation column before you select the tasks and click on YES for your choice.

  3. Optionally, click the email link in the Email column to open a new window and send an email to the beta candidate about any further processes related to the beta program.
    Note: Email addresses will display as hyperlinks only if you set the semantic type for the Email column to MailTo URL while defining the data model for the campaign.
  4. Click Validate in the top-right corner of the page to validate the choices you have done on the tasks.


Choices are set, data records are validated and moved from your list. Data records are transitioned to the second step in the workflow where they need to be approved by another data steward or where they are already resolved depending on the workflow defined in the campaign.