Reading tasks and sending the fields to the next component - 7.3

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Configure the tFileInputDelimited components to read the tasks from the input files.

  • the first holds the records of the candidates of a beta testing program, to be written in an Arbitration campaign, namely Beta Candidates.

  • the second holds the records of an enterprise product line to be written in a Resolution campaign, namely Product Catalog.

  • the third holds duplicate customer data records to be written in a Grouping campaign, namely Duplicate customers.


  1. Double-click each of the tFileInputDelimited components to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Click the [...] buttons next to Edit schema to open dialog boxes where you can define the schemas which correspond to the input file structures.
    Add the below groups of columns in the tFileInputDelimited components:
    • Arbitration and grouping tasks: Id, First_Name, Last_Name, Gender, Age, Occupation, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and Email.

    • Resolution tasks: Id, Name, Material, Size, Price, Quantity, Family and Packaging.

  3. Click OK in each of the dialog boxes and accept to propagate the changes when prompted.
    Each of the tDataStewardshipTaskOutput components in the Job inherits the schema from the corresponding tFileInputDelimited.
  4. Set the row and field separators in the corresponding fields and the header and footer, if any.