Configuring the output schema - 7.3

ELT Hive

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  1. Double-click tELTHiveOutput to open its Component view.
  2. If this component does not have the same schema of the preceding component, a warning icon appears. In this case, click the Sync columns button to retrieve the schema from the preceding one and once done, the warning icon disappears.
  3. In the Default table name field, enter the output table you want to write data in. In this example, it is agg_result.
  4. In the Field partition table, click to add one row. This allows you to write data in the partition column of the agg_result table.
    This partition column was defined the moment we created the agg_result table using partitioned by (type string) in the Create statement presented earlier. This partition column is type, which describes the type of a customer.
  5. In Partition column, enter type in double quotation marks and in Partition value, enter prospective in double quotation marks.