Moving from Event Logging to Event Monitoring - 7.3

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Event Logging is deprecated from the 7.3.1 R2021-04 Studio Monthly update delivered by Talend and will be removed from 7.4 onwards. If you were using Event Logging, you can follow these steps to move from Event Logging to Event Monitoring:


  1. Start Talend Runtime.
    1. Go to Talend Runtime home directory ${karaf.home}.
    2. Execute /bin/trun.bat (on Windows) or /bin/ (on Linux).
  2. Start Talend LogServer.
    1. Go to the Talend LogServer home directory logserv.
    2. Execute start_logserver.bat (on Windows) or (on Linux).
  3. Stop Event Logging by executing command tesb:stop-el-default on Talend Runtime console.
  4. Start Event Monitoring by executing command tesb:start-em-default on Talend Runtime console.
  5. Prepare the filebeat configuration.
    1. Edit the ${karaf.home}/etc/filebeat_em.yml file.
    2. Update ${LOG_PATH:${karaf.home}/data/eventmonitoring/em*.log.
    3. Save the ${karaf.home}/etc/filebeat_em.yml file.
  6. Start Filebeat server.
    1. Go to the logserv/filebeat directory using Command Line.
    2. Execute command filebeat -e -${karaf.home}/etc/filebeat_em.yml.
  7. Access Kibana from http://localhost:5601/app/kibana.
    All the events can be seen on the respective dashboards.