Procedure - 7.3


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  1. Drop the tEXistGet component from the Palette into the design workspace.
  2. Double-click the tEXistGet component to open the Component view and define the properties in its Basic settings view.
  3. Fill in the URI field with the URI of the eXist database you want to connect to.
    In this scenario, the URI is xmldb:exist:// Note that the URI used in this use case is for demonstration purposes only and is not an active address.
  4. Fill in the Collection field with the path to the collection of interest on the database server, /db/talend in this scenario.
  5. Fill in the Driver field with the driver for the XML database, org.exist.xmldb.DatabaseImpl in this scenario.
  6. Fill in the Username and Password fields by typing in admin and talend respectively in this scenario.
  7. Click the three-dot button next to the Local directory field to set a path for saving the XML file downloaded from the remote database server.
    In this scenario, set the path to your desktop, for example C:/Documents and Settings/galano/Desktop/ExistGet.
  8. In the Files field, click the plus button to add a new line in the Filemask area, and fill it with a complete file name to retrieve data from a particular file on the server, or a filemask to retrieve data from a set of files. In this scenario, fill in dictionary_en.xml.
  9. Save your Job and press F6 to execute it.
    The XML file dictionary_en.xml is retrieved and downloaded to the defined local directory.