Creating a Job for listing and getting files/folders on an FTP directory - 7.3


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Create a Job to connect to an FTP server, iterate and list all files and folders on an FTP root directory, then get only text files on the FTP root directory to a local directory, finally close the connection to the server.

Before you begin

Prerequisites: To replicate this scenario, an FTP server must be started and a couple of files/folders must be put onto the root directory of the FTP server.


  1. Create a new Job and add a tFTPConnection component, a tFTPFileList component, a tIterateToFlow component, a tLogRow component, a tFTPGet component, and a tFTPClose component by typing their names in the design workspace or dropping them from the Palette.
  2. Link the tFTPFileList component to the tIterateToFlow component using a Row > Iterate connection.
  3. Link the tIterateToFlow component to the tLogRow component using a Row > Main connection.
  4. Link the tFTPConnection component to the tFTPFileList component using a Trigger > OnSubjobOk connection.
  5. Do the same to link the tFTPFileList component to the tFTPGet component, and the tFTPGet component to the tFTPClose component.