Configuring the Talend Activity Monitoring Console in Talend Administration Center - 7.3

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Installation and Upgrade

In the Talend Administration Center web application, you have to set up the link to the Talend Activity Monitoring Console.

Note: If you are working on an operating system that does not come with embedded font packages, you need to install them manually to enable your Talend Activity Monitoring Console to work. For more information, see


  1. Go to the Monitoring group of the Configuration page of Talend Administration Center.
  2. In the AMC url field, type in the URL address of the Talend Activity Monitoring Console application, http://localhost:8080/amc for example.

    Depending on your configuration, you may have to replace localhost with the IP address of the Web server and 8080 with the actual port of the Talend Activity Monitoring Console.

    You also have to configure three database tables that will store statistics and log information.

    For more information about this application, see the Talend Activity Monitoring Console User Guide.