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To improve Talend server modules and Unix system performance, you can configure the system resources (ulimit) according to the needs of the user or group. These settings are defined in the /etc/security/limits file.

ulimit syntax

ulimit <limit type> <item> <value>

There are two ulimit types: hard and soft.
  • The soft limit is the effective resource limit. The user can increase the soft limit up to the value of the hard limit.
  • The hard limit is the maximum resource limit. This value is set by the superuser and cannot be exceeded.
Note: If you do not specify a limit type, the hard limit type is used by default.

The following ulimit settings are important for your Talend deployment.

Item Description Flag Value
fsize Maximum file size -f KB
nofile Maximum number of open files -n -
stack Maximum stack size -s KB
cpu Maximum CPU time -t minutes
nproc Maximum number of processes/threads -u -
Note: You can list all available ulimit settings with the following command: ulimit -a


ulimit -H -n 2000

This command sets a hard limit of 2000 open files per process.

For complete details on the ulimit settings, see the SS64 reference guide for ulimit.