Configuring a proxy repository for libraries in Talend Studio - 7.3

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By default, the libraries required by Talend Studio are downloaded from Talend official repository You can set up a proxy on your local repository and link the proxy to Talend official repository. This allows each Studio instance to download the same jar files much faster.

The following procedure shows you how to configure a proxy repository for libraries in Talend Studio.


  1. Click File > Edit Project Properties from the menu bar to open the Project Settings dialog box.
  2. Click General > Artifact Proxy Setting to open the corresponding view.
  3. Select the Enable Proxy Setting check box.
  4. From the Type drop-down list, select the type of the repository.
  5. In the URL field, enter the URL of your local repository.
  6. In the Username and Password fields, enter the proxy authentication credentials.
  7. In the Repository Id field, enter the ID of your repository.
  8. Click Check Connection to verify the connection status.
  9. Click Apply and Close to save your changes and close the dialog box.
    Note that you can also configure a proxy repository by adding the following parameters in the Studio .ini file corresponding to your operating system and restart your Talend Studio. If the proxy repository is configured in both the .ini file and the Project Settings dialog box, the configuration in the .ini file will take effect and overwrite the configuration in the Project Settings dialog box.

    The valid values for the repository type are NEXUS_3 and ARTIFACTORY.