Installing and configuring Talend Data Stewardship - 7.3

Talend Data Management Platform Installation Guide for Linux

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Talend Data Management Platform
Talend Activity Monitoring Console
Talend Administration Center
Talend Artifact Repository
Talend CommandLine
Talend Data Preparation
Talend Data Stewardship
Talend DQ Portal
Talend Identity and Access Management
Talend Installer
Talend JobServer
Talend Log Server
Talend Repository Manager
Talend Runtime
Talend SAP RFC Server
Talend Studio
Installation and Upgrade

Using Talend Installer is the recommended way to install Talend Data Stewardship but you can perform a manual installation if needed.

Note: The SSO feature is not available for Talend Data Stewardship connecting to Talend Administration Center. The SSO feature is available for Talend Cloud applications connecting to Talend Management Console.