Running Talend Log Server with systemd - 7.3

Talend Data Management Platform Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
Start, stop and monitor the status of the Talend Log Server service using systemd.

About this task

Three services are available for Talend Log Server:
  • talend-elastic
  • talend-kibana
  • talend-logstash

talend-elastic and talend-kibana services are automatically started when starting the talend-logstash service.


  • Start the services using the following command:
    sudo systemctl start talend-logstash.service
  • Stop the services using the following command:
    sudo systemctl stop talend-logstash.service
  • Check the status of the services using the following command:
    sudo systemctl status talend-logstash.service
  • Check logging information using the journalctl command.
    For example:
    • To list service journal entries:
      sudo journalctl --unit talend-logstash.service
    • To list service journal entries after a specific date:
      sudo journalctl --unit talend-logstash.service --since "2018-08-17 13:15:17"