Shutting down your JobServer gracefully - 7.3

Talend Data Management Platform Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
You can shut down Talend JobServer in a graceful manner without human interaction to wait for possibly running Jobs to stop.


To gracefully shut down your Talend JobServer, use the command with the -w <numberOfSeconds> argument.
Behavior of the stop script:
Command Behavior Terminates the JobServer if no Jobs are running. If any Jobs are running, lists the Jobs and allows the user to press any key to refresh the list or Y or y to terminate all the running Jobs. -f Makes the JobServer terminate running Jobs and itself immediately. -w <numberOfSeconds> Terminates the JobServer as soon as no Jobs are running anymore. If there are still Jobs running after the specified number of seconds the script will terminate with the return code 2. -f -w <numberOfSeconds> Gives running Jobs the specified number of seconds to finish. If they do not, then makes the JobServer to terminate the running Jobs and itself.