Compatible Apache software and JMS Brokers for Talend ESB - 7.3

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Installation and Upgrade
The following tables provide information on the compatible Apache software and JMS Brokers for Talend ESB.

Supported Apache software

Software More information
Apache Karaf 4.2.7 1 Release notes
Apache CXF 3.3.4 1 Release notes
Apache Camel 2.24.2 2 Release notes
Apache ActiveMQ 5.15.10 1 Release notes

1 Service release upgrade.

2 Minor release upgrade.

Supported Messaging Brokers for SOAP/JMS

Software More information
Apache ActiveMQ 5.15.10 Release notes
IBM WebSphere MQ 9.1 -
IBM WebSphere MQ 9.0 -
IBM WebSphere MQ 8.5 -