Configuring proxy Nexus in Talend Studio - 7.3

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Installation and Upgrade
You can configure proxy for your Nexus in Talend Studio if you are using a supported version of Nexus instead of Talend Artifact Repository embedded with your Talend product.


  1. Go to the installation directory of your Talend Studio.
  2. Edit the Talend-Studio-macosx-cocoa.ini file.
  3. Add the following five attributes in the .ini file:


    • <nexus_url> is the location URL to your Nexus, http://localhost:8214/nexus for example.
    • <proxy_repository_id> is the repository ID of your Nexus.
    • <proxy_username> is the name of the repository user.
    • <proxy_password> is the password of the repository user.
    • <nexus_server_type> is the type of your Nexus server, valid values are: NEXUS_2, NEXUS_3, and ARTIFACTORY.
  4. Save the file and start your Talend Studio.
    You can also configure proxy for your Nexus after you start Talend Studio, in the General > Artifact Proxy Setting view in the Project Settings dialog box, which can be opened by clicking File > Edit project properties.
    Note: If the proxy is configured in both the .ini file and the Project Settings dialog box, the configuration in the .ini file will take effect and overwrite the configuration in the Project Settings dialog box.