Configuring Artifactory - 7.3

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Make sure that the Artifactory repository is already installed and launched. For more information, see

Note: It is recommended to change the port of the Artifactory repository to 8045, as the default port 8040 is in conflict with Talend Runtime.

If you are using an enterprise version of the Artifactory, unzip the Artifact-Repository-Artifactory archive file in a dedicated folder, and run the artifactory-init-VA.B.C.D.E.jar to initialize the Artifactory repository with repositories and users created and permissions set for the Talend Administration Center.

If you are using an open source version of the Artifactory, you need to create manually the users and repositories as for the Nexus repository. For more information, see Installing and configuring a supported version of Nexus.
Note: If your connection with the Artifactory does not work, add the property artifactory.addDefaultUrlContext=false in the <tomcat_path>/webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/ file.