Installing and configuring Nexus embedded package - 7.3

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Talend Artifact Repository is based on Nexus. This procedure explains how to install and configure the Nexus package embedded with your Talend product.


  1. Unzip the Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D-E archive file in a dedicated folder.
  2. Add the execution rights to the relevant files by running the following command:
    chmod 755
  3. From the <ApplicationFolder>/bin folder, launch the Talend Artifact Repository instance using the following command:
    ./nexus run
    Nexus runs in the console.
  4. To run Talend Artifact Repository as a service, follow the procedure of the Nexus documentation at
  5. Log into the Talend Artifact Repository Web application (default login information: admin/Talend123). Make sure you have the relevant rights to access the release and snapshot repositories.

After the first connection, it is strongly recommended to change the default credentials of the default administrator account.

  1. Change the default credentials of the admin user:
    1. In the left panel of the Talend Artifact Repository Web application, select Security > Users.
    2. Right-click the admin user and select Set Password.
    3. Enter a new password for the admin user.
  2. Grant browse permissions on the repositories talend-custom-libs-release and talend-custom-libs-snapshot to the user talend-updates-admin.
    1. In the left panel of the Talend Artifact Repository Web application, select Security > Roles.
    2. On the top of the right panel, click Create role > Nexus role to open the Create Role view.
    3. Create a role nx-view-custom-libs-browse and assign privileges nx-repository-view-maven2-talend-custom-libs-release-browse and nx-repository-view-maven2-talend-custom-libs-snapshot-browse to it.
    4. In the left panel of the Talend Artifact Repository Web application, select Security > Users.
    5. Click the user talend-updates-admin to open its details view.
    6. Edit the user by assigning the newly created role nx-view-custom-libs-browse to it.
    7. Execute the following commands in Curl or Postman to validate the permissions assigned to the user talend-updates-admin, where <password> represents the password of the user and <nexus_url> represents the URL of the Talend Artifact Repository Web application.
      # Search talend-custom-libs-release
      curl -k -u "talend-updates-admin:<password>" "<nexus_url>/service/rest/v1/search?repository=talend-custom-libs-release&group=xml-apis"
      # Search talend-custom-libs-snapshot
      curl -k -u "talend-updates-admin:<password>" "<nexus_url>/service/rest/v1/search?repository=talend-custom-libs-snapshot&group=org.talend.libraries"

      The corresponding items should be returned in the result.