Enabling the shared mode for Talend Studio - 7.3

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Talend Studio supports the shared mode if you have installed the R2021-01 Studio monthly update or a later one provided by Talend, which allows each user on the machine where Talend Studio is installed to work with different configuration and workspace folders.

Note: The recommended total memory is the recommended memory for one user multiplied by the number of connected users.

About this task

The following procedure shows you how to enable the shared mode for Talend Studio.


  1. Put the license file provided by Talend at the root of the Talend Studio installation directory.
  2. Let a user who has full read and write access to the Talend Studio installation directory to launch Talend Studio.
  3. In the Additional Talend Packages dialog box, select the packages, except the required and optional third-party libraries, depending on your needs for your projects.
    • The third-party libraries will be installed in each user's own configuration folder. To save the disk space, we recommend that each user installs the third-party libraries only when needed.
    • All other packages except the third-party libraries cannot be installed when the shared mode is enabled, so we recommend you to install those packages before enabling the shared mode.
  4. When the installation of selected packages is complete, install all patches needed.
    • The patch cannot be installed when the shared mode is enabled, so we recommend you to install all patches needed before enabling the shared mode.
    • The latest patch must be kept in the patches folder under the Talend Studio installation directory after being installed.

    For more information about how to download and apply a patch, see Downloading and applying a patch.

  5. When the installation of required patches is complete, close Talend Studio.
  6. Enable the shared mode for Talend Studio by adding two properties osgi.configuration.area and osgi.instance.area at the end of the file <Talend-Studio>/configuration/config.ini, where <Talend-Studio> is the root folder name of Talend Studio. For example,

    These two properties specify the configuration and workspace locations of Talend Studio for each user. You can use some other system properties or environment properties to specify the locations. Each variable in the locations must be surrounded by a pair of $ characters.

    Later, when each user on the machine launches Talend Studio, the configuration and workspace folders will be automatically created.

    Important: If any package or patch needs to be installed after enabling the shared mode for Talend Studio, you need to first disable the shared mode by removing the two lines, restart, and close Talend Studio once. After that, you can install the package or patch as normal.