Configuring the first subJob - 7.3

Internet (Integration)

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  1. Double-click tFileFetch_1 to open its component view.
  2. Select the protocol you want to use from the Protocol list. Here, we use the https protocol.
  3. In the URI field, type in the URI through which you can log in the website and fetch the web page accordingly. In this example, the URI is
  4. In the Destination directory field, browse to the folder where the fetched web page is to be stored. This folder will be created on the fly if it does not exist. In this example, type in D:/download.
  5. In the Destination Filename field, type in a new name for the file if you want it to be changed. In this example, codeproject.html.
  6. Under the Parameters table, click the plus button to add two rows and fill in the credentials for accessing the desired website..
    In the Name column, type in a new name respectively for the two rows. In this example, they are Email and Password, which are required by the website you are logging in.
    In the Value column, type in the authentication information.
  7. Select the Save cookie check box.
  8. In the Cookie file field, type in the full path to the file which you want to use to save the cookie. In this example, it is D:/download/cookie.
  9. Click Advanced settings to open its view.
  10. Select the Support redirection check box so that the redirection request will be repeated until the redirection is successful.