Reading Data from an Amazon Kinesis Stream - 7.3


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  1. To read data from your Kinesis stream, add a tKinesisInput component and connect the tRowGenerator component to it with an InParallel trigger.
  2. In the Basic settings view of the tKinesisInput component, provide your Amazon credentials.
  3. Provide your Kinesis Stream name and the corresponding Endpoint url.
  4. Select the Explicitly set authentication parameters option and enter your Region, as mentioned in AWS Regions and Endpoints.
  5. Add a tReplicate component and connect it with tKinesisInput.

    The purpose of the tReplicate component is to have a processing component in the Job; otherwise, the execution of the Job will fail. The tReplicate component allows the Job to compile without modifying the data.

  6. Add a tExtracDelimitedFields component and connect it to the tReplicate component.

    The tExtractDelimitedFields will extract the data from the serialized message generated by the tKinesisInput component.

  7. Add a tLogRow component to display the output on the console and on its Basic settings view select Table (print values in cells of a table) to display the data in a table.