Accessing the views - 7.3

Talend Data Authoring for MDM User Guide

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Data Governance

You can access a list of authorized views that have been deployed.

Note: Having more than one join to the same entity in a view is not supported.


  1. Log into Talend Data Authoring for MDM.
    Note: By default, no view is selected and no master data records is displayed after login.
  2. Click SELECT A VIEW.

    All authorized views that have been deployed are displayed in the list.

    Note: Your privilege on different data objects including the views is defined by the administrator in the custom roles assigned to you. For more information about MDM custom roles, see Talend Data Fabric Studio User Guide.
    Warning: If you switch from one view to another, all your changes under the current view will be lost.
  3. Select from the list a view over the entity of your interest.
    All data records pertaining to the entity are displayed in the data records list in a predefined order. You can click on the header of a column to sort data records based on that column.

    You can define how to sort data records by default when creating the view in Talend Studio. For more information, see the related description of creating a simple view in Talend Data Fabric Studio User Guide.