Transforming the incoming data into XML structure - 7.3

MDM data processing

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  1. Double-click tWriteXMLField to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Click the [...] button next to the Edit schema field to open the schema editor and then add a row by clicking the [+] button.
  3. Click the newly added row to the right view of the schema editor and enter the name of the output column where you want to write the XML content. It is xmlRecord in this example.
  4. Click OK to validate this output schema and close the schema editor.
    In the dialog box that pops up, click OK to propagate this schema to the following component.
  5. In the Basic settings view, click the [...] button next to Configure XML Tree to open the dialog box where you can create the XML structure.
  6. In the Link Target area, click rootTag and rename it to ProductFamily, which is the name of the business entity used in this scenario.
  7. In the Linker source area, drop family to ProductFamily in the Link target area.
    A dialog box pops up, asking you to select one operation.
    Select Create as sub-element of target node to create a sub-element of the ProductFamily node. Then, the family element appears under the ProductFamily node.
    Right-click the Name node and select from the contextual menu Set As Loop Element.
  8. In the Link target area, click the family node and rename it to Name, which is one of the attributes of the ProductFamily business entity.
    Click OK to validate the XML structure you defined.