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These properties are used to configure cAWSConnection running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cAWSConnection component belongs to the AWS and Connectivity families.

Basic settings

Access Key

The Access Key ID that uniquely identifies an AWS Account. For how to get your Access Key and Access Secret, see Access keys (access key ID and secret access key).

Secret Key

The Secret Access Key, constituting the security credentials in combination with the access Key.

To enter the secret key, click [...] next to the secret key field, and then in the pop-up dialog box enter the password between double quotes and click OK to save the settings.

Inherit credentials from AWS role

Select this check box to obtain AWS security credentials from Amazon EC2 instance metadata. To use this option, the Amazon EC2 instance must be started and your Route must be running on Amazon EC2. For more information, see Using an IAM Role to Grant Permissions to Applications Running on Amazon EC2 Instances , Instance Metadata and User Data, and IAM Roles for Amazon EC2.


Specify the AWS region by selecting a region name from the list or entering a region between double quotation marks (e.g. "us-east-1") in the list. For more information about AWS Regions, see AWS Regions and Endpoints.

Advanced settings

Config Client

Select this check box to set the optional parameters for your AWS client in the corresponding table. Click [+] as many times as required and add the available parameters from the list to the table. Then click the corresponding Value field and enter a value. See the site Class ClientConfiguration for more information.


Usage rule

cAWSConnection cannot be added directly in a Route.