Downloading a patch via Talend Administration Center - 7.3

Talend Big Data Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin

  • You have asked Talend Support to assign a patch to your customer account.
  • You have installed and started Talend Administration Center and your local Nexus server.

  • Talend Administration Center is connected to Internet.
  • You have your client credentials provided in the license email sent by Talend.

For more information about Talend Administration Center, see the Talend Administration Center documentation.


  1. In Talend Administration Center, in the Menu panel, click Configuration and then Software Update to configure the following parameters. For more information about Talend Administration Center Software Update parameters, see Setting up Software Update parameters.
    Field Value
    Software update enabled true
    Talend update url

    Talend update username

    The username provided in your license email sent by Talend

    Talend update password

    The password provided in your license email sent by Talend
    Library Repository Nexus 3

    Local repository url

    http://{your local nexus ip}:8081/

    Local deployment username

    Local deployment password talend-updates-admin
    Local reader username talend-updates-admin

    Local reader password


    Local repository ID

    Automatically download Studio Monthly Update false
  2. Open the Software Update page and click the icon next to the patch you want to download.


The patch is removed from the list and saved on the local Nexus server.