Using Continuous Integration to test a patch before applying it to the Studio - 7.3

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Installation and Upgrade

Continuous Integration allows you to test the patch(es) on one or several existing projects using specific Maven commands before applying the patch to Talend Studio.

To test a patch, read this documentation that gives you details and examples on how to re-generate all POM files and test the generation of existing projects before applying the patches.

To summarize, you will need to do so in this order:
  1. Checkout your Git projects.
  2. Download the patch.
  3. Re-generate all the POM files of the project(s) workspace and install the patch(es) you want to to test.
  4. Test the generation of existing projects and Jobs.
  5. Provided that the project generation is successful, apply the tested patches to Talend Studio. If the test is not successful, please contact Talend Support.