Applying a patch to Talend Studio /Talend CommandLine - 7.3

Talend Data Integration Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade
You can apply a patch to your Talend Studio by creating a specific folder for patches in Talend Studio /Talend CommandLine .


  1. Create a folder named patches under Talend Studio or Talend CommandLine installation directory.
  2. Copy the previously downloaded zip file containing the patch in this folder.
  3. Start the patched Talend Studio /Talend CommandLine .
    When Talend Studio (or Talend CommandLine) starts, it checks if there is a new patch in this folder, then installs it.
  4. Click OK in the confirmation message which is displayed.
    Note: With Talend CommandLine, after installing the patch, stop Talend CommandLine and clean the org.eclipse.osgi folder under the configuration folder in the installation directory of Talend Studio.