Clearing your Talend Administration Center files if you migrate to a new Apache Tomcat server - 7.3

Talend Data Integration Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade


  1. To avoid port conflicts, make sure the old Apache Tomcat instance as well as the old Talend Administration Center are stopped.
  2. Install the new Apache Tomcat server as well as the Talend Administration Center .war file.
    If you have previously set a CATALINA_HOME system variable, make sure to update it.
    Note that, if you want to rename the Talend Administration Center application during migration, the best practice is to rename the backup of the old application, in order to always keep the same URL for the application that is currently installed. For example, rename the backup application org.talend.administrator.old and keep the org.talend.administrator default name for the application that is currently installed.
  3. Restart Apache Tomcat.