Backing up the Git or SVN repository - 7.3

Talend Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade
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After you backed up the administration database, you need to back up the SVN repository where all projects items and metadata are stored.

Apache Subversion is deprecated from 7.3.1 R2021-08 release onwards

If you are using Git, you need to duplicate the old repository and connect this to a new repository in Git. For more information, see Github's documentation:

Warning: If you are using Git or SVN, after connecting your new Talend Studio to repositories from your old Talend environment, you will not be able to access these repositories from the old Talend Studio versions.


  1. Execute locally the following command on the machine hosting the SVN repository, using the svnadmin dump command:
    $> svnadmin dump /talend/svn/repotis > svn_repotis.dump
    where /talend/svn/repotis is the path on the hard drive where the repository is stored and > is the copy command into a dump file.
  2. If you need to restore your SVN repository, shut down the subversion daemon and delete the /talend/svn/repotis repository.
  3. Create again the repository from the backup file, using this command:
    $> mkdir /talend/svn
    $> svnadmin create /talend/svn/repotis
    $> svnadmin load /talend/svn/repotis < svn_repotis.dump
    where /talend/svn/repotis and svn_repotis.dump are the respective path and name used to store the dump file you created.
    Warning: Beware that only the repository is restored, not the users.