Reimporting and redeploying your workflows - 7.3

Talend Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade
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Data Fabric

MDM Platform

If you have one or more workflows in your old Talend Studio, you can migrate them to a new server.


Workflows created with variables named mDM_* or MDM_* are no longer supported and must be modified manually.

For more information, see the Talend Studio User Guide.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that the MDM server is up and running and that you have created a connection to both the servers between which you want to migrate.
  • Make sure that the BPM server has already been started, and the information about MDM users has been synchronized from MDM to the BPM server.

For more information about how to deploy your workflows from Talend Studio, see Talend Studio User Guide.

For more information about how to synchronize workflow users manually, see Talend MDM Web UI User Guide.


  1. Import a workflow you want to migrate in the BPM perspective.

    If your workflow was designed using Bonita legacy 6.x form, which is not supported by Bonita BPM 7.9.0, it needs to be redesigned manually using the UI Designer.

    For more information about how to design a workflow using Bonita UI designer, see

  2. In the Operations tab for human tasks, calling the setUpdateUsername operator on the mdm_context operand using the following script is no longer required with MDM v7.3, as it uses automatically the current user.
    import org.talend.mdm.workflow.client.MDMContextUser;
    MDMContextUser contextUser = mdm_context.getCurrentUser();
    return contextUser.getName();

    For any other operation that requires to retrieve the current user in the script, replace the above script with the following script:

    import org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.User;
    User user = BonitaUsers.getUser(apiAccessor,taskAssigneeId);
    return user.getUserName();s
  3. On the menu bar, click Deploy to MDM Server and then click Deploy the Workflow Process.
  4. Specify the MDM server to which you want to deploy the workflow and then click OK.