Upgrading the administration database - 7.3

Talend Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade
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This section describes how to upgrade the Talend Administration Center database. Note that the database backup is a mandatory step in the migration process.

The source and target databases must be of the same type. To migrate from a database X to a database Y, for example from H2 to MySQL, first see Backing up the administration database.

Before you begin

  • Back up your database.
  • Make sure the drivers of the databases are installed on the machine where the migration is performed.


  1. Stop the Apache Tomcat server.
  2. To avoid errors during the migration process, increase the memory of Tomcat as explained in Talend Installation Guide.
  3. To avoid errors during the migration process, increase the memory of Tomcat.
  4. Delete the old Talend Administration Center application .war file and the org.talend.administrator folder in <TomcatPath>/webapps to undeploy it.
  5. Delete the <TomcatPath>/work directory to empty Apache Tomcat cache.
  6. Download the new Talend-AdministrationCenter-YYYYMMDD_HHmm-VA.B.C.zip from the link listed in your license email.
  7. Unzip Talend-AdministrationCenter-YYYYMMDD_HHmm-VA.B.C.zip.
    This will give you access to the different components needed to benefit from all the Talend Administration Center functionalities:
    • org.talend.administrator.war, the archive containing the actual Talend Administration Center Web application.

    • Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D.zip, the archive containing an artifact repository software, based on Sonatype Nexus, that will be used to handle software updates, DI artifacts and also ESB artifacts.

    • Artifact-Repository-Artifactory.zip, the archive containing Talend scripts to initialize users in the artifact repository, that will be used to handle software updates, DI artifacts and also ESB artifacts.

  8. Copy the Web application, org.talend.administrator.war, into the webapps directory of Tomcat.
    Once you have copied this war file, you can either unzip it manually under the same directory, or let Tomcat unzip the web application at startup.
  9. Start Apache Tomcat.
  10. Open a Web browser and type in the application URL. The database configuration page opens and a message indicates that the database version needs to be updated.
  11. Click Proceed migration to start the migration process. A dialog box opens.
  12. In the backup settings area, check your database connection information and enter the path to your folder where the backed up database will be stored in the Dump Path field.
    The command used to migrate the database can be updated according to your needs. If you are migrating an Oracle database from an earlier version of the Talend Administration Center to the latest version of Talend Administration Center, make sure the -Dtalend.schema=<schemaName> parameter is present in the migration command.
  13. Click Proceed to start the database backup and migration operation.
  14. When the message Database migration completed successfully shows, click Finish. The database is migrated and a .zip file holding the backed up database is created in the folder you have defined previously.
  15. On the database configuration page, set your new license then log in the Web application. The database migration process is finished.