Extracting file metadata - 7.3


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  1. Double-click tMongoDBGridFSProperties to open its Component view.
  2. Select the Use existing connection check box and from the Connection list, select the component in which the MongoDB connection to be used is defined.
  3. In the Bucket field, enter the bucket in which the files to be used are stored. In this example, it is talend_channel/61.
  4. From the Query type list, select the approach you want to use to select the files about which you need to extract the metadata. In this example, select Filename to use the filename attribute of each GridFS file for query.
  5. In the Filename field, press Ctrl + Space to display the variable list and choose the variable to be used. In this example, select tMongoDBGridFSList.CURRENT_FILENAME from the list. Then the expression to use the CURRENT_FILENAME variable is automatically added.
    This allows tMongoDBGridFSProperties to read each file name returned by tMongoDBGridFSList.