Linking the components - 7.3


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  1. In the Integration perspective of the Studio, create an empty Job, named FS_video for example, from the Job Designs node in the Repository tree view.
    For further information about how to create a Job, see Talend Studio User Guide.
  2. In the workspace, enter the name of the component to be used and select this component from the list that appears. In this scenario, the components are tMongoDBConnection, tMongoDBGridFSPut, tMongoDBGridFSList, tMongoDBGridFSProperties, tFilterColumns, tLogRow, tMongoDBGridFSGet and tMongoDBGridFSDelete.
  3. Connect tMongoDBConnection to tMongoDBGridFSPut using the Trigger > On Subjob Ok link.
  4. Repeat this operation to connect tMongoDBGridFSPut to tMongoDBGridFSList, tMongoDBGridFSList to tMongoDBGridFSGet, and then tMongoDBGridFSGet to tMongoDBGridFSDelete.
  5. Connect tMongoDBGridFSList to tMongoDBGridFSProperties using the Row > Iterate link. This link allows tMongoDBGridFSList to send data to tMongoDBGridFSProperties iteratively.
  6. Connect tMongoDBGridFSProperties to tFilterColumns using the Row > Main link.
  7. Do the same to connect tFilterColumns to tLogRow.