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If you often need to handle data of a Neo4j database, then you may want to centralize the connection to the Neo4j database and the schema details in the Metadata folder in the Repository tree view.

Only the Neo4j remote server is supported.

When you use V3.2.X, only tNeo4jInput and tNeo4jRow can reuse the connection

Do not use a 2.X.X version and a 3.X.X version in the same Job. Otherwise, class conflict issues occur.

The Neo4j metadata setup procedure is made of two separate but closely related major tasks:

  1. Create a connection to a Neo4j database.

  2. Retrieve Neo4j schemas of interest.


  • All the required external modules that are missing in Talend Studio due to license restrictions have been installed. For more information, see the Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  • You are familiar with Cypher queries for reading data in Neo4j.

  • The Neo4j server is up and running.